A Familiar Rain – A Review

Join Alex, Abbey, Laura, Len in the Lab where they meet the original Riddler – Heraclitus.

by John Geddes

Available on Amazon U.S. and Amazon U.K.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice”. Heraclitus. A Familiar Rain explores the premise of memory travel to the past. Alex and the Lab team discover a drug called mnemontine which allows a person to relive a memory exactly as it happened. They work on a technique called cerebrography for regressing their subjects and stimulating their brains. Would you relive the moments with your long-dead love if you could? And if we can relive memories at will, are they truly memories? or do they become something else.

There is a romance down there in the cerebellum and a thriller too: a race to get the research done before the CIA and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police get hold of the papers. Then there is a femme fatale trying to steal the research notes, too.

Who is the shadowy stranger stalking Abbey?

I enjoyed this book very much and it certainly raises many interesting questions.

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