The Accidental Career of Hilary Darke – A Review

The Accidental Career of Hilary Darke by A.F. McKeating. Available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

 “Who’s been sitting in my chair?”,July 7, 2013

This review is from: The Accidental Career of Hilary Darke (Kindle Edition)

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While plotting the “demise of Sandra Hanson’s next victim,” Hilary Darke (a writer masquerading as a temporary worker for the Welsh Civil Service in Cardiff), manages to write a novel (on company time, of course) and juggle at least two careers, plus a flat mate, plus a boyfriend, plus multiple other nefarious activities.

Or, maybe she is a “temp” masquerading as a writer. In any case, ‘The Accidental Career of Hilary Darke’ is a fast-paced, entertaining, very well-written, and very smart thriller, with lots of “darke” humor.

Hilary grabbed me by the throat and compelled me to read the entire book in one day – good thing my boss gave me a day off, and good thing Hilary gave her boss a day off.

As the book description claims, Hilary is, indeed, resourceful: by the midpoint in McKeating’s novel, Darke’s Sandra Hanson sequel is well underway and she has simultaneously written innumerable policy briefings, chaired multiple board meetings, has made the coffee, has drunk the coffee, has attended conferences, and has dispatched several HR subjects. But no spoilers here. I found myself wondering if Hilary had also helped McKeating write her novel, too, fueled by caffeine and ambition.

“Thanks for the update you emailed,” Ros said. “And well done for handling that briefing while I was away. We’ll have to find some more interesting work for you.”

Well, Ros was not quick enough, so Hilary had to find her own “more interesting” work. Or, was she really just a hapless accidental careerist to whom the universe dealt a heavy hand? You’ll have to buy the book to find out.

This was a really good novel and one I can recommend without any reservation.

Leila Smith for The Kindle Book Review. The Kindle Book Review received a free copy of this book for an independent, fair and honest review. We are not connected with the author nor with Amazon.

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