Joni Rodgers Discusses Indie Publishing and Literary Fiction

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Today Joni Rodgers is visiting Ascroft, eh?. She’s participating in a blog tour to celebrate the upcoming release of Outside the Box: Women Writing Women, a limited edition collection of literary novels featuring unlikely heroines.

Is indie publishing the new high ground for literary fiction?

Guest post by Joni Rodgers

CRAZY 2015Back in the mid-1990s, when books were made of paper and self-publishing was called “vanity”, my debut novel, Crazy for Trying, was published in hardcover and paperback by a small but prestigious literary press. I felt like God had pulled my name out of a hat. The advance was small, just enough for my husband and I to take out kids to Disneyworld, but the impact on my life was huge. Now I was an author instead of a talented dabbler with a pipedream of publishing. I approached my work—and my life—differently from that moment forward.


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