Hyper – A Review.

Align, Define, Deliver and Reference – useful advice for a change., December 8, 2015

Hyper by Gregory P. Steffine. Available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

If you think you are using “Agile Methodology”, you had better be Nimble and Quick.
That’s the advice from Gregory P. Steffine in his well-researched and organized book called Hyper. Do not hesitate! Get that prototype to your client early in the process.

Although ostensibly a book on Business Intelligence in the usual sense meaning “mining” data and transforming it into information useful to analysts and decision-makers, this book contains common sense business intelligence which will be invaluable to Business Analysts who need to learn how to effectively extract and organize requirements.

Steffine quotes subject matter experts from Alvin Toffler (author of Future Shock and many other thought-provoking books) to Stephen Few (Data visualization expert).
For the most part he avoids the usual crutch “buzz” words and jargon which render many “business” books useless to the uninitiated statistician or data analyst, and tiresome to the discerning BI (business intelligence) analyst. There are, however, a few jargon-type words which got by the editors. On the other hand, his bibliography and footnotes may be worth the price of the book.

Chapters 13 and 14 on organizing your data are especially pertinent.
Chapter 26 on “Big Data” is worth a look.
Chapter 25 on Dashboards and Business Intelligence Delivery contains some very good suggestions.

Steffine provides process flow charts and offers templates and outlines as a bonus to his readers for organization of their projects as opposed to the “blather” that populates many of these “how to” books submitted for review.

I would definitely recommend this book to data and business analysts.

Leila Smith, for The Kindle Book Review. We are not associated with the author nor with Amazon. The Kindle Book Review received a free copy of this book for an independent, fair and honest review.

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