Falling Star – A Review.

Falling Star (The Watchers Book 1) by Philip Chen – Available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.  and on Barnes & Noble

“The hologram rose out of the plate and the President saw what Johnny Thapaha [Navajo medicine man] had seen over the forty-some years he had welcomed the morning sunrise with plate in hand.” 

I really enjoyed this science fiction adventure. Unlike most of the dystopian “science” fiction books I receive for review, Chen’s book is heavy on “science” and plausibility. Actual events meld into fictive events (not just invented but inventive to make a specific point) so deftly that this reviewer found herself on the verge of believing the unbelievable. 

The story spans the years from 1967 to 1993, following the career of Lieutenant Mike Liu, the secrets of Navajo Shaman Johnny Thapaha, assorted KGB thugs and, if that were not enough, the fate of the “fourth alien” from “the Socorro and Roswell incidents.”

The reader will certainly get his/her “money’s worth” from this novel. 

At the heart of the book, and the mystery, are the four “mysterious objects” deep in the silt under the oceans around the perimeter of the United States. 

“The curtain of state secrets fell quickly on the mysterious object in the Hatteras Abyssal Plain. “ 

There are Defense Intelligence Agents on the case; there are “CSAC” agents competing for attention, and their agency is so secretive that even meaning of the acronym is classified. By the way, there is a woman agent too, Mildred Swensen; and a woman assassin, Julie Davenport who interact with myriad other interesting characters clothed in the kind of detailed development usually found in a literary novel. 

(For those readers who dabble in numerology, the number four (4) appears fifty-nine times, so watch for it.) 

“Because of this and, perhaps because this alien took four days and four nights to expire, Johnny Thapaha believed him to be an emissary from the Great Spirit.  Johnny Thapaha called him ‘the traveler.’ “ 

You will have to buy the book to find out what happened before the alien died! 

But the best part of Falling Star is the chance to learn about magnetometers, submersibles, sonar technology, oscilloscopes, Heckler Koch MP-5 submachine guns, and other integral equipment – lots of technical information – from an author who is also an engineer, trial lawyer and investment banker. If the reader pays attention, he/she will also absorb some geopolitical realities, the vicissitudes inherent in the war between Congress and science and the meaning of Starlength 1300.2! 

Buy this book before the mysterious sonic booms shake your reading room. 

Leila Smith, for The Kindle Book Review. This review was not solicited. This is an independent, fair and honest review. We are not associated with the author nor with Amazon.


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