Forsaken Oath – A Review.

Forsaken Oath, A Dana Hargrave legal mystery by V.S. Kemanis,  Available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Four years ago V.S. Kemanis came to my attention via a Kindle Book Review request, and at that time I was quite impressed with her story collection called Everyone But Us.

So, now I have just read her fourth (in order of publication) legal mystery.

The title arises from a charge made by Ellen C. Fortier, founder of Justice Restored (an innocence project):

“We’ve subpoenaed Dana Hargrove to testify on Monday in the case of the People against Ramón Pineda. She’s a woman who shuns her duty to seek justice. Prosecutor Dana Hargrove has forsaken her oath of office.”

Several stories, intertwined, create a complex and busy plot:  the murder of a haute couture designer;  the trail of an unscrupulous financial advisor; a class-action suit filed by the husband of Ms. Hargrove; the murder of a bodega clerk; that of a conspicuously public crusader and her n’er-do-well brother; a bit of BDS&M thrown in for a nefarious ex-fashionista; an assistant D.A. who has trouble following instructions; the protagonist’s attempt to eke out a vacation from Trial Bureau 90 (position peculiar to the New York  District Attorney offices).  At least a couple of the story lines have unexpected conclusions.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the complexity of the New York State legal system and understands the “lawyer talk” (“No more graveyard, no more chart.” ) or to anyone who wants some intelligent writing for a change. My only quibble is with the “office banter” which seems somewhat contrived.

So, download the book before you have to return from your holiday!

Leila Smith. This is  an independent, fair and honest review. We are not associated with the author nor with Amazon.

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